Update (12/10/2020): This page aims to identify and map all versions of the existing boxes through the revisions printed on the tabs.

  • Inc. period completed.

  • Corp. Period in progress...

Inc. Period

I considered the game's release date for classification and in the case of re-releases, the approximate release date of the version, as I believe the results will be easier to access from this methodology.

NOTE: Some versions that I have listed in shades of gray, have a record of existence according to internal documents from Atari!

Corp. Period

Due to many re-releases during this period, it will be taken into account in the following order:
The release year; And in case of relaunching the year of copyright (©) of the box and / or cartridge. Any documentary evidence such as internal sales reports for the period and copyrights of manuals and certificates will be recorded for future analysis.

NOTE: The first version found will be used for registration regardless of the number of subsequent editions.

released in 1977

released in 1978

released in 1979

released in 1980

released in 1981

released in 1982

released in 1983

released in 1984

released in 1985

released in 1986

released in 1987

released in 1988

released in 1989

released in 1990

released in 1991

I used the bibliographic references to build this session the sites: