Welcome to the Atari 2600 game collection reconstruction project.

This website aims to present the method and structure used in the research to reconstruct the Atari 2600 game series.

Box series

Color  series Inc.

Silver series Inc.

Children series Inc.

Japan series Inc.

Monaco Dist.

Polyvox Dist.

Silver series Corp.

Red series Corp.

Children series Corp.

Color  series Corp.

Gray  series Corp.

Polyvox distribution, the last frontier! 


After analysis we decided to include games licensed from Atari Inc. and distributed by Polyvox in Brazil in the research project.

Do you need help where to find the records?

step by step

In the first volume (Industria Atari), I divided the project into three basic steps, click on the link to find out which ones are.


One question remains open:
After all, how did Atari organized that?


The index point is a catalog number found in the boxes that I call PSN (PART SERIAL NUMBER) .