A new organization of contents with the same work methodology.


More than a year ago I structured a new organization to present the research contents on the website, more precisely it was on June 25, 2021 that I identified the need for this change.

A more objective modeling of the presentation of information has become essential, as well as the need to include more details such as the format of opening boxes.

The site has already started to receive changes, so when browsing you may find some links under construction. I appreciate the understanding of all visitors at this time of suitability. You can find the old fully functional structure at the end of the navigation menu called “Old Site”.

Validation Marathon!


June arrived with the biggest increment of information in the research project. We validated 40 existing versions and 02 new versions were added. The participation of some collectors was fundamental, special thanks to the Richard Grounds. See the full listing below:

Added versions:

  • Basketball: CA400076 (Box Red 5L | CORP)

  • Desert Falcon: CA400076 (Box Red 5L | CORP)

Validated versions:

  • Home Run: G-C014060 (Same Color W. Box | INC)

  • Combat: C016972 (International 5L | INC)

  • Indy 500: C016972 (International 5L | INC)

  • Casino: C016972 (International 5L | INC)

  • Berzerk: C016972 (International 5L | INC)

  • Yars Revenge: C016972 (International 5L | INC)

  • Asteroids: C016972 (International 5L | INC)

  • Video Pinball: C016972 (International 5L | INC)

  • Warlords: C016972 (International 5L | INC)

  • Asteroids: C017039 v.1 (© Outside Warranty Box | INC) -> C014060 | C011822 (Standard Flap)

  • Golf: G-C017039 v.1 (© Outside Warranty Box | INC)

  • Superman: G-C017039 v.1 (© Outside Warranty Box | INC)

  • Circus Atari: G-C017039 v.2 (© Inside Warranty Box | INC)

  • Adventure: G-C017039 v.2 (© Inside Warranty Box | INC)

  • Indy 500: G-C017039 v.2 (© Inside Warranty Box | INC)

  • Dodge ´Em: G-C017039 v.3 (Ninety Day | INC)

  • Street Racer: G-C017039 v.3 (Ninety Day | INC)

  • Surround: G-C017039 v.3 (Ninety Day | INC)

  • Breakout: G-C017039 v.3 (Ninety Day | INC)

  • Star Ship: G-C017039 v.4 (Late Edition | INC)

  • Pole Position: G-C019743 (Silver | Inc)

  • Pengo: G-C019743 (Silver | Inc)

  • Big Bird's Egg Catch: G-C019743 (Children | INC)

  • Cookie Monster Munch: G-C019743 (Children | INC)

  • Galaxian: C019785 (Silver International 6L | INC)

  • Kangaroo: C019785 (Silver International 6L | INC)

  • Phoenix: C019785 (Silver International 6L | INC)

  • Swordquest Earthworld: C019785 (Silver International 6L | INC)

  • Swordquest Fireworld: C019785 (Silver International 6L | INC)

  • Battlezone: C019785 (Silver International 6L | INC)

  • Midnight Magic: CA019739 (Box Red | CORP)

  • Dark Chambers: CA400076 (Box Red | CORP)

  • Battlezone: CA400076 (Box Red 5L | CORP)

  • RealSports Soccer: CA400076 (Box Red 5L | CORP)

  • Mario Bros.: CA400076 (Box Red 5L | CORP)

  • Air-Sea Battle: CA019744 (Black | CORP) ©1986

  • Stargate: CA019744 (Gray 1L | CORP) ©1985

  • Galaxian: CA019744 (Gray International 6L | CORP) ©1987 | ©1988

  • Phoenix: CA019744 (Gray International 6L | CORP) ©1985

Validated NTSC format:

  • Casino: C016972 (International 5L | INC)

  • Joust: C019785 (Silver International 6L | INC)

May Updates:


With 03 new versions added, plus 06 versions of validated boxes and 02 versions of multi-language black picture label identified in NTSC format, we ended May 2021. See the full list:

Added versions:

  • Slot Racers: G-C017039 v.1 (© Outside Warranty Box | INC)

  • Human Cannonball: G-C017039 v.2 (© Inside Warranty Box | INC)

  • Sky Diver: G-C017039 v.2 (© Inside Warranty Box | INC)

Validated versions:

  • Space Invaders: G-C019785 (Silver International 6L | Inc)

  • 3-D Tic-Tac-Toe: G-C014060 (Same Color W. Box | INC)

  • Dodge´Em: G-C017039 v.3 (Ninety Day | INC)

  • Sky diver: G-C017039 v.2 (© Inside Warranty Box | INC)

  • Snoopy and the Red Baron: CA019739 (International 6L | CORP)

  • Missile Command: CA400075 (Box Red International 5L | CORP)

Validated NTSC format:

  • Video Chess: C016972 (International 5L | INC)

  • Video Pinball: C016972 (International 5L | INC)

First website update in 2021


Starting the work of 2021 I added 2 new versions that are missing from the research sites and the validation of 6 records of existing versions. Follow the list below:

Added versions:

  • Outlaw: G-C017039 v.3 (Ninety Day | INC)

  • RealSports Tennis: CA019744 | © 1986 (International 6L | Corp)

Validated versions:

  • Pac-man: C016972 I (International 5L | INC)

  • Millipede: CA019744 (International 8L | Corp)

  • RealSports Tennis: CA400076 (Box Red 8L | CORP)

  • Canyon Bomber: G-C017039 v.3 (Ninety Day | INC)

  • Football: G-C017039 v.3 (Ninety Day | INC)

  • Galaxian: G-C019743 (Silver | Inc)

Participate in this project, adding records of versions that remain to be validated or even versions of boxes that have not been added.

NOTE: With the addition of Outlaw, G-C017039 v.3 “limited ninety day warranty”, we achieved 40 games identified in this version.

Timeline: All complete series!


We have reached the end of the publication of the versions organized in a timeline, with the conclusion of the series children and black corp.
Link to access: https://www.atariopenbox.com/timeline

Red label game series!


Moving forward in the timeline of the games, today I concluded the Red Label series. The boxes do not contain revision numbers or letters on their tabs. Only catalog number information and data on printing dates.
Link to access: https://www.atariopenbox.com/timeline

Atari Corp: Timeline in progress!


From the gray labels, I started to organize the Corp series of games in the timeline session. With items mixed between 1984 and 1985, I find one of the biggest challenges in reconstituting versions.
Link to access: https://www.atariopenbox.com/timeline

New session | timeline


Using the Internal List of Information System Items, I formatted a session called "timeline" to identify and map all versions of the box from the Inc period.
Link to access: https://www.atariopenbox.com/timeline

November updates


With 03 new versions identified and another 09 versions of validated boxes, the month is starting strong. See the full list:

Added versions:

  • Pele´s Soccer: G-C017039 v.3 (Ninety Day | INC)

  • Dodge´em: CA400076 I (Box Red | CORP)

  • Football: G-C017039 v.1 (© OUT | INC)

Validated versions:

  • Combat: C016972 I (Black International | INC)

  • Combat: CA019739 (Black | CORP)

  • Adventure: G-C017039 v.3 (Ninety Day | INC)

  • Dedender: CA019744 I (Black International | CORP)

  • Basketball: G-C017039 v.1 (© Outside Warranty Box | INC)

  • Football: G-C017039 v.1 (© Outside Warranty Box | INC)

  • Codebreaker: G-C017039 v.2 (© Inside Warranty Box | INC)

  • Fun With Numbers: G-C014060 (Same Color W. Box | INC)

  • Brain Games: C011822 (Game Program | INC)

Atari Inc. box revisions


Revisions of version G-C014060 (guarantee with bottom of the same color of the box and © outside) have been included.

Atari Corp. series


Copyright records for Atari Corp period series cartridges have been added.
The list is organized by: label series -> box version -> copyright editions of the label.