First website update in 2021


Starting the work of 2021 I added 2 new versions that are missing from the research sites and the validation of 6 records of existing versions. Follow the list below:

Added versions:

  • Outlaw: G-C017039 v.3 (Ninety Day | INC)

  • RealSports Tennis: CA019744 | © 1986 (International 6L | Corp)

Validated versions:

  • Pac-man: C016972 I (International 5L | INC)

  • Millipede: CA019744 (International 8L | Corp)

  • RealSports Tennis: CA400076 (Box Red 8L | CORP)

  • Canyon Bomber: G-C017039 v.3 (Ninety Day | INC)

  • Football: G-C017039 v.3 (Ninety Day | INC)

  • Galaxian: G-C019743 (Silver | Inc)

Participate in this project, adding records of versions that remain to be validated or even versions of boxes that have not been added.

NOTE: With the addition of Outlaw, G-C017039 v.3 “limited ninety day warranty”, we achieved 40 games identified in this version.

Timeline: All complete series!


We have reached the end of the publication of the versions organized in a timeline, with the conclusion of the series children and black corp.
Link to access: https://www.atariopenbox.com/timeline

Red label game series!


Moving forward in the timeline of the games, today I concluded the Red Label series. The boxes do not contain revision numbers or letters on their tabs. Only catalog number information and data on printing dates.
Link to access: https://www.atariopenbox.com/timeline

Atari Corp: Timeline in progress!


From the gray labels, I started to organize the Corp series of games in the timeline session. With items mixed between 1984 and 1985, I find one of the biggest challenges in reconstituting versions.
Link to access: https://www.atariopenbox.com/timeline

New session | timeline


Using the Internal List of Information System Items, I formatted a session called "timeline" to identify and map all versions of the box from the Inc period.
Link to access: https://www.atariopenbox.com/timeline

November updates


With 03 new versions identified and another 09 versions of validated boxes, the month is starting strong. See the full list:

Added versions:

  • Pele´s Soccer: G-C017039 v.3 (Ninety Day | INC)

  • Dodge´em: CA400076 I (Box Red | CORP)

  • Football: G-C017039 v.1 (© OUT | INC)

Validated versions:

  • Combat: C016972 I (Black International | INC)

  • Combat: CA019739 (Black | CORP)

  • Adventure: G-C017039 v.3 (Ninety Day | INC)

  • Dedender: CA019744 I (Black International | CORP)

  • Basketball: G-C017039 v.1 (© Outside Warranty Box | INC)

  • Football: G-C017039 v.1 (© Outside Warranty Box | INC)

  • Codebreaker: G-C017039 v.2 (© Inside Warranty Box | INC)

  • Fun With Numbers: G-C014060 (Same Color W. Box | INC)

  • Brain Games: C011822 (Game Program | INC)

Atari Inc. box revisions


Revisions of version G-C014060 (guarantee with bottom of the same color of the box and © outside) have been included.

Atari Corp. series


Copyright records for Atari Corp period series cartridges have been added.
The list is organized by: label series -> box version -> copyright editions of the label.