(Red Box Corp - one language)

CA019739 | 03 GAMES: The first red box version games copyrighted by Atari Corp.


CA400075 | 33 GAMES: Red boxes with only one language and copyright Atari Corp.


Cover (box style):

  • SF: Standard Flap

  • GF: Glued Flap

  • TF: Tap Flap

RGN (Region: video format indicated on the box):

  • P : PAL

Local (Place where the boxes were made and/or printed):

  • TW: Taiwan

  • HK: Hong Kong

  • CH: China

Special characters (Used in the "local" field to organize production and printing origins of the boxes):

  • ( | ): Used to separate when there is more than one box print location in the same copyright year.

  • ( - ): Used to indicate more than one entry in the same box.