all steps

In the first volume (Industria Atari), I divided the project into three basic steps listed below:

  • Construction of the research method (data modeling)

  • Capturing the necessary information (populating the data)

  • Validation with the community the cataloging evidence on the games available .


The construction of the method serves to identify and standardize the information, so everyone interested can collaborate in the construction of the Atari 2600 game catalog, the series and their versions. The modeling can always be improved and this will not prevent its evolution or result in data loss.


For those interested in contributing, the capture of information is done through forums, social media groups, e-mail and instant chat messages, creating a wide communicative spectrum. Soon I will announce the channels.


It is necessary, through documentary means, to validate the sets. For this I must search and cross the sources of records, in order to obtain the maximum possible accuracy.

It is important to note that due to the advancement of time, there are many sets that will not be 100% accurate, but somehow the percentage and a margin will be established so that collectors can reconstruct their series.

To assist in validations, I will be opening about 100 sealed Atari 2600 games, to assist in the reconstitution and retrieval of this information.