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After the Space Invaders silver label cartridge, in multi-language silver series boxes from Atari Inc. (PSN C019785-32 REV. 1) found in Canada, now it's time for the silver Asteroids cartridge in Mexico! Although we only now have a CIB version of Asteroids, it wasn't the first time I came across this version in Mexico.

June 18, 2020 (Wednesday - 2:00 PM BRT)

On FB's Marktplace, my radar pointed to the Monterrey region, Nuevo León state in Mexico, in search of uncataloged versions, I came across for the first time the silver-labeled version of Asteroids Atari Inc.
Despite knowing the silver versions of Atari Corp. and distributions released as the Polivox version made in Brazil (Asteroids: label without curves at the ends ©1979 Atari Inc.) and the Monaco version made in New Zealand (Asteroids: label with softer curves at the ends ©1981 Atari Inc.).
All the features of the version matched like a genuine Atari Inc. silver series version USA. Many doubts arose such as: Where and how would this label have arrived in Mexico? And in which boxed version would it have accompanied it?
Initially more logical would it be a boxed version in the multi-language format? But I never even had a clue of a silver Asteroids game box. Could it also be in a promotional box? Very unlikely.

May 27, 2022 (Friday - 9:30 AM BRT)

Almost 2 years later, we have a CIB version identified, initially found in Mexico and now in the possession of James Wachter. The CIB version is from the Japanese series that comes with this beautiful cartridge version, the box (PSN C019716-49) and manual (PSN C019718-49) made in the USA and both ©1981 Atari Inc.
James Wachter kindly photographed and sent the images to be cataloged in the Atari 2600 game research databases and websites. Thank you James for this unique opportunity!