Combat Corp cartridge!

What do we need to know about an Combat Atari Corp cartridge?

There he was, ready for Combat, camouflaged in the midst of hundreds of ads, if it weren't for a small detail, he too would have been overlooked many times as a Combat Inc, but not this one!
I thank Richard Grounds for his confidence and support for the research!


By bringing together the versions found in 2012 and the two versions found now in 2020, through a graphical comparative analysis between the models of labels and cartridge formats CART 1 and CART 3, in its two variations (with or without text in the main label: "Use with Joystick Controllers"). Evidence points to the following common characteristics:

  • Plastic coated label

  • Game title off center in the end label

  • Plane inside boarder on the main label

  • Image undocked in print on the main label

The results will facilitate identification as to the period and country of manufacture.

Right now I see that collecting is just a detail of a great discovery! But if this is not real? Actually if it's a dream? Please don't wake me up!

* Images taken for the construction of the VIDEOGAMEVARIATION website infographic | Giant Label Variation