What is the correct order of the manuals that come with the color box series?

The three initial versions of the series of color boxes of games published by Atari Inc. received manuals with a black background and a thin format, they are: Gatefold, C011822 and C014060.

In version C014060 (with the background of the guarantee certificate in the same color as the box), the first game to receive the white manual, but maintaining the same proportion (thin), was Championship Soccer.

Already after the transition from the box to the C017039 V1 version (warranty with white background and copyright date out of the warranty box) two more games receive the fine proportion white color manuals: Video Pinball and Missile Command, even so many games continue being reissued in new versions of boxes but with old manuals on a black background.

New game releases, on the other hand, receive manuals with a white background but with new size dimensions. Until in the boxed version *C017039 V3 (90-day limited warranty) all games receive the manual in large white color.

*NOTE: Star Ship game box version C017039 V3 has the old black manual and yellow text label which is non-standard.