The research uses as base of study, information of each and every number of catalog available in sets of the games. It also uses data from Atari documents, Internet pages and sealed or complete games.


After a year of work, I defined as the indexing point for the construction of the base, a catalog number found in the boxes that I call PSN (PART SERIAL NUMBER).

The PART SERIAL NUMBER is found in the small flaps of the game boxes, usually along with the revision, through which we identify the series it belongs to and the game it contains. With this number we can also identify the other parts that make up the version. For this we use other information such as DateStamp, revision and printing date of the box.

See some examples of series: silver box Atari inc. (G-C019743), international silver box Atari Inc. (C019785), red box Atari Corp. (CA400075). Of course, every rule has its exception (mainly in the Corp. period), so the moment comes when it is necessary to validate the research with the community.