I have been trying for some time to understand how Atari would have built its series of games throughout history. Despite the clear visual differences between the versions, I never found information that would define the organization of these series And focused on this questioning, research is born.
Whenever I find this subject in forums, lists and groups, opinions diverge and generate a lot of debate. In the forums there were even some initiatives, but for some reason the projects were not completed.
So the question remains open: After all, how did Atari organized that?


The research aims to identify the versions of the games released for the Atari 2600, making it a useful tool for all collectors, from initials to large ones. Initially, I divided this project into three volumes:

  • First volume: Atari industry

  • Second volume: large outsourced industries

  • Third volume: small outsourced industries

The goal is to identify the items that make up the release versions of the games through validation tools. The research organizes the collection of games initially by the cartridges and their label series (silver | red | black), the versions of boxes, revisions, variants and editions.